Our Values and Sustainability

Hi, I’m Nora!

I created Ameleys for women and mothers who love fashion but hate the impact it has on the planet. As a parent I often think about my daughter’s future, she is the reason why I feel compelled to protect the planet she is going to grow up on.

The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of all global emissions and textile waste is at an all-time high. I knew something had to change, and so Ameleys was born.

We are a Lithuanian slow fashion brand founded by me and my mother. She designed the first matching dresses for my daughter and me and I wished for all moms to feel that beautiful connection with their little ones. My mum is the main hands behind the brand as we craft all of our pieces by hand, together we believe that we can make you feel effortlessly stylish without harming the planet.

Ameleys is an alternative to the fast fashion giants who are polluting our planet and severely underpaying their workers.

We pledge:

  • To use only sustainable, deadstock, upcycled and organic fabrics.
  • To work with OEKO-TEX certified environmentally friendly dyes.
  • To have 100% recyclable, reusable or biodegradable packaging.
  • To donate a percentage of our profits to the City of Trees charity each month.
  • To design fashion that’s made to last.
  • To create minimal waste by crafting each piece to order.
  • To upcycle as much of our fabric waste into re-usable bags and scrunchies.
  • To pay our team and suppliers fairly.
  • To create all Ameleys clothing in-house.

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